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Rent Ficathon
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Welcome to rentficathon, where you will get a new ficathon challenge every month. If you're unfamiliar with how a ficathon works, it's simple. You request a fic, whether is a short situation or a pairing (with or without a specific rating!), and you will get a fic written for you. In turn, you will write a fic for someone who has requested their own fic.

You won't be forced to write pairings you don't like, or refuse to have anything to do with, you always have the option of requesting a few things you don't want to write.

You will have five weeks from the time you receive your challenge to write a 500+ word fic. After one month, you'll post your fic to the community (or earlier, all of the posts are moderated, and will stay in the queue until it's time for them to be posted so all the fics should be out at the same time).

Sound like fun? Then be sure to join!

Your mods are:

1. If you sign up for that month's challenge, you must write a fic. So be sure to only sign up for a challenge if you are 100% sure you will be able to write and post your story in the time given. If you know you'll be out of town or busy on the days given to post, post early or email one of the mods to post your story for you.

If you do not participate in the time given, you will be disqualifed from the next month's challenge, even if you've already been given a new challenge. Someone will take your challenge over for you. You will be allowed to enter again in the following month, but if there is repeat offending, you will be banned.

2. You will use the following form to sign up for the month.

Name or username: Nicknames/Pen names are fine
Email: Your active email, so you'll be sure to get your challenge.
Wants: Pairings, ratings, genres, one sentence situations. Have at least two options. More are fine.
Won't Write: Again, pairings, ratings, or genres. Have no more than three or four of these, we do have to pair you up with someone.

Also, if you're willing to step in and write a second fic for if anyone is disqualified, mention it at the end of your form.

3. Feel free to watch the community to read the fic, but if you would like to sign up for the challenges, you do need to join and be an official member.

4. You must write what you've been given. If you have the options of writing an NC17 Maureen/Mimi fic, or Collins/Angel fluff, you cannot gloss over your given challenge and decide you just want to focus on Roger/Mimi. Of course, you have creative right, but be sure to work off the prompts given to you.

5. Fics need to be at least 500 words long. From there, they can be as long as you'd like.

6. Keep it a secret who you're writing for. I know it might seem silly, but especially if you know who it is you're writing for, you don't want "suggestions" beside what you're given on the prompt. Plus, especially if you know them, it's more fun to be surprised!

7. Use this, or a similar form when posting your story.
Written for: (This needs to be there, so they can spot it easily)
Notes: (this is a place to mention what was requested)
Warnings: (character death, even if only mentioned MUST be put here)

8. All fics need an LJ-cut, no exceptions. Fics without cuts will not be accepted.

1st. One of the mods will put up a sign up post. The comments on this post will be screened, and you will comment with the form to sign up. In this post, there will be very broad challenge specific rules that you'll use to decide on your wants and won't writes.

7th. Signs up are over.

8th You will receive a new challenge in your email. You will have until the 15th of the next month to post your story.

15th. This will be time to post your fics. If you post them earlier, that's fine, they will go into the queue and the mods will approve them on the 15th.

20th. Because we're not horrible, you do have a five-day window in which to post your story. This is the last possible day you have to post your story. Try to have it done by the 15th, but you do have a couple extra days if you still have a couple scenes to work out.

Try to keep in mind that someone is waiting for their story, and they're waiting on you.

21st. If you signed up for the challenge on the first and you did not post your story yet, you will be disqualified from the next challenge and someone else will get your challenge. Since all posts go into the queue, if you do post your story, it will not be accepted.

If you do post your story late, it will be accepted, but you will still be disqualified from the next challenge.

If you volunteered to write a second story due to disqualification, you may receive your second challenge on this day.

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